PAVIFLEX takes your floor to the next level.

We are, probably, the biggest producer in the world of technical flooring for sport activities.

We offer specific solutions to your needs, because your sport center is an unique and exclusive space… Your own sport space. That is why we customize your floor as you want.

We offer the best flooring for every area, the best flooring for each activity, the one that provides the best performance. We differentiate the zones with a nice and original way, with a huge range of colors and insertions, designing all type of marks for you. And only with the best components, the ones you want… because this is PAVIFLEX.

PAVIFLEX flooring is flexible and comfortable, resistant and durable, water proof, thermal and acoustic isolation. Really easy installation and maintenance… THIS IS PAVIFLEX. THIS IS THE NEXT LEVEL.

We work with the best sport centers in the world… that is why we want to work with you too.

PAVIFLEX belongs to PLAGINSA GROUP, one of the biggest producers of rubber and EVA sheets worldwide. More than 30 years satisfying needs.

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